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New Vinyl from FullTime Production, Mr. Disc and Zig Zag!

"Lost in My Mind” highlights the incredible Lazzarini’s formula featuring the hypnotic Cry.ing, made of dark attitude mixed with sizzling electro warmth with unsurprisingly sumptuous results. A record aimed at contemporary underground dancefloors. The revisions included in the EP are signed by disco scalpel Massimo Berardi, nu-disco supernovas Re-Tide and the soulful Musta. Out on Zig Zag on limited edition vinyl and on all digital stores.

CRAZY GANG (REMASTERED 2020) (Mr. Disc Organization)
Pressed on collector edition transparent yellow vinyl limited to 300 copies, 4 of the stand out tracks (completely remastered) from the original Crazy Gang album of 1983, “We Are The Crazy Gang", rather fabled and magical release amongst Italo buyers due to its rarity. “Every Sunday”, “Computerize”, “A Discomatic Rodeo” and “Telephone computer”, a very diverse array of material on this special 12inch that begs to be explored, straddling the line between experimental electronic Italo-Disco and Funk and that plays like a soundtrack of a fictive 80s teenage movie. Must-have!

FULLTIME FACTORY VOL. 5 (FullTime Production)
The heavyweight series FULLTIME FACTORY is finally back and has come to its fifth volume! Made of 4 incredible gems extracted from the FullTime Production vaults completely reworked and coming into a brand new sparkling life for DJs and Italo-disco fanatics! Rainbow Team, Jimmy Ross, Trance and I.C. Bell majestically reworked by Birdee, Massimo Berardi, DJ Rocca and DJ Friction. Pressed on hand-numbered clear vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies only. Hot as hell, just how we like it!


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