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New Compilation! FullTime Reworked By DJs Vol. 4

FULLTIME REWORKED BY DJs VOL. 4 (FullTime Production)
An off-the-hook compilation gathering for the first time ever marvellous DJs and producers, friends of the label who remixed and reinterpreted the most representative records of the mythic FullTime Production catalogue.
The fourth Volume of the series includes stunning remixes, 15 must-have gems for all Disco, Italo Disco and FullTime Production lovers! Including remixes by Valentino Kanzyani, Donato Dozzy, Mike Dunn, Richie Rich, Hector Romero & Ayala (IT), Marco Trani, BPlan, Coz-Art, Les Inferno, Claudio Coccoluto, Flowersons, Monsieur Van Pratt, DJ "S", Brothers In Arts and C. Da Afro.


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