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New releases on Vinyl - December 2021

KANO (Remastered 2021)
FullTime Production
Straight from the immense shelves of the Full Time Production warehouse, here’s a new must-have gem for the italo disco lovers.
Released for the first time in 1980 , eponymous album “Kano ” is remastered for vinyl for the first time since then and is given an incredible new life through this version pressed on limited edition hand-numbered vinyl that is deep in grooves and inspiration.
This is the sound of an army of buzzing, mini-computers and thickly-slapped bass guitars igniting neon squares across dancefloors worldwide. As such, it sort of straddles the line between italo disco and synth funk.

Mr. Disc Organization
This EP is going to be something so exciting for the Mr Disc and real italo-disco purist.
Digging the huge label’s warehouse it happened that old tapes were found. Songs written and recorded in the early ‘80s and never produced or released before. Until today.
It comes that the tunes included in this EP are some of those and the Maxero project finally sees the light.
“Silenced By You” and “Melancholy Cowboy” reveal their pure italo-disco roots and are re-arranged to spin on clubs and have a privileged place on collector’s shelves.
Remixed by Mind Enterprises, Brothers In Lows and Flavia Lazzarini.
A Must-have finally available after decades!

FullTime Production
The so much anticipated Volume 9 of the fortunate limited edition vinyl series FullTime Factory is finally here! Gems from the FullTime Production vaults re-edited and remixed with a House, Nu-Disco and Disco Twist!
On Side A Jimmy Ross’ Classic “S.O.S. Of Love” got brand new life through Flowersons’ nu-disco attitude and “Tell Me” from the eponymous Rainbow Team album dated back 1981, is re-edited by J.B. Boogie.
On the flipside, italo-disco funk gem “Gosh” by Galaxy band is rematered and repressed for the first time on vinyl, while the neapolitan funky jam “O’ Guaglione” by Tony Cicco is re-crafted by the M.B. Edit’s fine scalpel.
4 tunes to boogie!


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