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New Vinyl Release - November 2022

Kano - It's A War (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Remix) [FullTime Production]

FullTime Production proudly presents Kano’s “It’s A War” remixed Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode.
Kano’s quintessential italo-disco classic “It’s A War” has been reshaped by world renowned producer Purple Disco Machine and by Lorenz Rhode.
“It’s A War” was among the three main singles extracted from the 1980 self-titled Kano’s debut album which contributed to the birth of the world-renowned italo-disco movement.
Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode’s remix pays tribute to the original’s infectious driving bassline and finely crafted brakdowns creating an instant and lively dance floor heater with all the signature licks and grooves and the funky basslines that are synonymous with a Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode remix taking “It’s A War” to a brand universe on a cosmic trip.

FullTime Production is a label owned by GoodyMusic Production


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