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New Vinyl Release - June 2024

International Music System - Ready To Believe [Mr. Disc Organization]

If we think about italo disco the first hits we remember are "Charlie - Spacer Woman", all the productions of "International Music System", "Nexus - Stand Up", italo disco classics released on Mr. Disc Organization and now the producer Maurizio Cavalieri gave us a new single, a romantic but powerful song with this voice reminiscent of the 80's "Ready To Believe" is added to the great catalog "International Music System"!

The vinyl is the conjunction of past and future, the most famous tracks "Nonline", "Dancing Therapy" and "An English '93" from International Music System have been remixed by three great producers and deejays of the current scene "Fabrizio Mammarella", "Italo Deviance" and "Franz Scala"! No need to add more, a powerful club vinyl!

Vinyl Release 28/06/2024!

Mr. Disc Organization is a label of GoodyMusic Production.


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